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Bob Doppelt’s Presentations & Workshops

Upcoming Presentations for 2014

January 27, 5th Annual Earth Care Summit, Portland, OR

February 21, Natural History Society, Eugene, OR

April 20, Loving the Earth: Awareness, Action and Celebration, Spirit Rock, CA

Recent 2014 Presentations

January 15, Wednesday Morning Group, Spirit Rock, CA

January 15, Yoga Kula, Berkeley, CA

January 16, Pacific Institute, Oakland CA

January 16, Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley, CA

2013 Presentations

Sunday, May 19, presentation and workshop at First Congregation United Church of Christ, Salem, OR

Wednesday, May 8, presentation a the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Thursday, April 25, Kehr Keynote Lecture on The Environment at Blue Ridge Community College, Hendersonville, NC

Wednesday, April 24, workshop for the Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute, Asheville, NC

Tuesday, April 23, workshop for the Office of Sustainability, City of Raleigh, NC

Monday, April 22, workshop for the Office of Sustainability, City of Durham, NC

Saturday, April 20, presentation at Earth Day Responses to Climate Change: Awareness, Action, and Celebration, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, CA

Wednesday, April 10, keynote talk at the Climate Change and the Common Good Conference, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana

Friday, April 6, webinar presentation to Bard College, NY, students, faculty, and affiliated stakeholders and partners

Tuesday, April 2, panel presentation on social resilience at the National Adaptation Forum, Denver, CO

Monday, March 28, hour long interview on KLOS Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday, March 13, presentation at the Climate, Cities, and Behavior Symposium, the Garrison Institute, NY

Friday, March 1, webinar presentation to the Consultative Group on Biodiversity Funders Group

Thursday, February 7, talk given to Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley, CA

Thursday, February 7, workshop for the sustainability and mayors staff, City of Berkeley, CA

Wednesday, February 6, workshop for the SF Environment, City of San Francisco, CA

2012 Presentations and Workshops

Wednesday, December 19, panel discussion with former Oregon Public Broadcasting staff on historic changes in Oregon, Portland, OR

Tuesday, December 18, The Wheel of Change webinar for Climate Access members

Friday, December 12 hour-long radio interview with The Green Front

Tuesday, November 13, keynote and workshop for Forum for the Future, London, UK

Monday, November 12, presentation at the Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Imperial College London, UK

Thursday, November 8, presentation at Social Business Conference, Vienna, Austria

Tuesday, October 30, two presentations and workshops for the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership, UK

Monday, October 29, presentation for London Insight, UK

Tuesday, October 23, The Power of Sustainable Thinking webinar for Climate Access members

Friday, October 12, workshop for the Office of Sustainability, City of Seattle, WA

Thursday, October 11, workshop for the office of sustainability ,City of Tacoma, WA

Thursday, October 11, presentation to University of Washington students, faculty and staff 

Wednesday, October 10, presentation to students, faculty, and staff at Seattle University, WA

Tuesday, October 2, From Me to We webinar for Climate Access members

Thursday, September 27, presentation at Tsunami Books, Eugene, OR

Thursday, September 27, webinar for The Alliance for a Sustainable Colorado

Wednesday, September 19, all day sustainability workshop for the Retail Industry Leaders Association, Phoenix, AZ 

Tuesday, April 18, workshop for the City of Phoenix Office of Sustainability Green Team, Phoenix, AZ

Tuesday, April 18, workshop for the City of Phoenix Office Solid Waste Program, Phoenix, AZ 

Monday, September 17, presentation to Sustainable Arizona, Cottonwood, AZ

Monday, September 17, presentation at the Global Institute for Sustainability, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Thursday, August 23, hour-long interview with WLRN Radio, NPR radio in South Florida.

Thursday, August 16, workshop in for NW Wyoming, NW Montana and Eastern Idaho climate and sustainability practitioners, Jackson WY

Wednesday, July 25, interview with Bam Bunch on WNCW Morning Addition NPR Radio

Friday, June 29, interview with Jefferson Public Radio, NPR Ashland, OR

Friday, June 8, presentation to the Alliance for a Sustainable Colorado, Denver, CO

Thursday, June 7, keynote talk and workshop for the Urban Sustainability Leadership Academy, Denver, CO

Wednesday, June 6, presentation to the sustainability staff, City and County of Boulder, CO

Sunday, May 6 presentation to First United Methodist Church, Eugene, OR

Tuesday, May 1, presentation to University of Oregon faculty and students and Eugene residents, Knight Library, University of Oregon, Eugene OR 

Monday, April 30, live radio interview on KLCC Radio Living Large

Friday, April 5 presentation at the Lillis School of Business, University of Oregon

Tuesday, March 20, live interview with EcoCentric radio talk show

Wednesday, February 15, presentation to the Climate Mind and Behavior Symposium, the Garrison Institute, NY

Major Publications

This book calls on all climate change programs to rapidly expand beyond emission reductions and physical adaption, to focus on assisting individuals and groups to learn skills to use the adversities caused by climate change to learn, grow and flourish. It calls on mental health, education, and faith leaders to expand beyond post crisis-treatment to emphasize building preventative personal and psychosocial resilience skills. Failure to proactively help people deal constructively with the harmful mental health and psychosocial impacts of climate disruption will seriously impair the safety and health of individuals as well as the security and social wellbeing of organizations, communities and whole societies for generations to come. It will also delay or completely block efforts to reduce the impacts of climate disruption to manageable levels. On the other hand, research shows that building personal and psychosocial resilience can increase wellbeing--even as climate disruption grows worse.

The book begins by describing how natural human psychobiological reactions to the traumas and toxic stresses generated by climate disruption damage the psychological, emotional, and social wellbeing of individuals, organizations, communities and whole societies. Using numerous examples, including his own organization's Transformational Resilience program, the author describes methods and skills that may be used to build capacity within all levels of societies to avoid self- and socially harmful reactions and use the traumas of climate change as catalysts to find new meaning, direction, and hope in life. This book applies an important new perspective to the question of how to successfully respond to climate change.
Through the integration of advanced psychology, ecosystem science, and Buddhist precepts, From Me to We describes the five commitments required to resolve climate disruption, economic collapse, personal distress, and much more. The commitments can help us all shift from a sole focus on ‘me’ – our personal and organizational wants and desires – to meeting our needs by always prioritizing the broader ‘we’ – the many ecological and social systems each of us and each institution are part of that make life possible and worthwhile.

Practical methods for transforming climate-damaging unsustainable practices into sustainable thinking and behaviors.

Leading Change toward Sustainability describes the process organizations must engage in to shift their focus to environmentally and socially sustainable practices and policies
I offer on-line seminars and in-person workshops of 1-5 days length. I also regularly facilitates workshops for non-profit, public, and private organizations. If you are interested in a workshop contact me at

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