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Dec 19, 2013:

Bob Doppelt talks about the shift From Me to We in Organic Gardening Magazine: "Thinking as if Climate Matters"

Oct 3, 2013: Do You Want to Increase Your Personal Wellbeing While Serving As An Agent of Change At Work Or In Your Community? Then join me for workshop on Mindfulness in Action: Unlocking the Transformative Power of Awareness, January 17-19 at Esalen in California.

Awareness is a revolutionary act that can change the world. Many people want to transform themselves and the social problems that swirl around them. However, when confronted with unjust conditions at work, in our communities, or society, some people withdraw. Others react with anger and aggression. Both responses only increase our personal angst and the social dilemmas. However, when we learn how to skillfully respond to troubles with mindfulness, seeing interconnections, and acting ethically, we can transform ourselves and the world.

Through guided meditations, experiential exercises, and discussions, participants will be shown how to grasp the interplay between inner and outer transformation. We will start by exploring how we are all implicated in today’s social problems. We will then use the practice of mindfulness and emerging information and tools from neuroscience, trauma and social engagement theory to explore how we can transform ourselves in ways that also help us correct economic, social, and environmental injustices.

For anyone who strives to increase your personal well-being while acting as an agent of change, this workshop provides new insights, tools, and sense of competency. Learn more and enroll here

July 23, 2013: CSR International, a social enterprise that promotes corporate sustainability and responsibility based on societal contribution and environmental integrity, recently reviewed From Me to We.
Read the full review here.

Oct 6, 2012: Read a recent review from the UK of Bob Doppelt's book Leading Change toward Sustainability that reaffirms that it is one of the 10 most important books in sustainability

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This book calls on all climate change programs to rapidly expand beyond emission reductions and physical adaption, to focus on assisting individuals and groups to learn skills to use the adversities caused by climate change to learn, grow and flourish. It calls on mental health, education, and faith leaders to expand beyond post crisis-treatment to emphasize building preventative personal and psychosocial resilience skills. Failure to proactively help people deal constructively with the harmful mental health and psychosocial impacts of climate disruption will seriously impair the safety and health of individuals as well as the security and social wellbeing of organizations, communities and whole societies for generations to come. It will also delay or completely block efforts to reduce the impacts of climate disruption to manageable levels. On the other hand, research shows that building personal and psychosocial resilience can increase wellbeing--even as climate disruption grows worse.

The book begins by describing how natural human psychobiological reactions to the traumas and toxic stresses generated by climate disruption damage the psychological, emotional, and social wellbeing of individuals, organizations, communities and whole societies. Using numerous examples, including his own organization's Transformational Resilience program, the author describes methods and skills that may be used to build capacity within all levels of societies to avoid self- and socially harmful reactions and use the traumas of climate change as catalysts to find new meaning, direction, and hope in life. This book applies an important new perspective to the question of how to successfully respond to climate change.
Through the integration of advanced psychology, ecosystem science, and Buddhist precepts, From Me to We describes the five commitments required to resolve climate disruption, economic collapse, personal distress, and much more. The commitments can help us all shift from a sole focus on ‘me’ – our personal and organizational wants and desires – to meeting our needs by always prioritizing the broader ‘we’ – the many ecological and social systems each of us and each institution are part of that make life possible and worthwhile.

Practical methods for transforming climate-damaging unsustainable practices into sustainable thinking and behaviors.

Leading Change toward Sustainability describes the process organizations must engage in to shift their focus to environmentally and socially sustainable practices and policies
I offer on-line seminars and in-person workshops of 1-5 days length. I also regularly facilitates workshops for non-profit, public, and private organizations. If you are interested in a workshop contact me at

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