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Me to We: Five Commitments That Can Save The Planet and Change Your Life (April 2012)

Massive floods, prolonged droughts, intense heat waves and other extreme weather events, coming at a time of economic collapse, escalating social friction and political unrest have left people confused and despondent. Everywhere we look, the systems we depend on seem to be collapsing.

Our long held assumptions and beliefs cannot explain these tumultuous changes, nor do they provide credible solutions. People yearn for a way to make sense of and respond to the world that reflects today’s realities and offers positive outcomes.

Each of us adopts beliefs and assumptions that help us interpret reality. Our core views help us define problems, determine right and wrong, and identify solutions. Every society adopts practices, technologies and policies that reflect the dominant collective perspectives of the time.

Beliefs and assumptions are helpful only if they remain relevant to existing conditions. When reality changes, the thinking that guides us must also change or tragic consequences result.

So it is today. In Me to We: Five Commitments That Can Save The Planet and Change Your Life, systems change expert Bob Doppelt reveals that most people today live a dream world, controlled by false perceptions and beliefs. The most deeply held illusion is that all organisms on Earth, including each of us, exist as independent entities. The consequences of this fantasy are startling. We incessantly repeat behaviors and produce technologies and policies that degrade the Earth’s landscapes, exterminate its species, and destabilize its climate. Our illusion also cause great pain and suffering for other people -- and for ourselves.

At the most fundamental level, the change needed to overcome our misperceptions is a shift from focusing only on "me" -- our personal needs and wants--to also prioritizing the broader "we" -- the many ecological and social relationships each of us are part of that make life possible and worthwhile. Research shows that by using the techniques described in this book this shift is possible and not that difficult to achieve.

Me to We offers five "commitments" that can help you change your perspective and engage in activities that resolve today’s environmental and social problems. Not coincidentally, making the commitments can improve the quality of your life as well.